Visa run time again

Yes, it’s that time again boys and girls.

Visa run for me.

I’m sitting at the airport in Muscat.  Got here in plenty of time for my flight, only to find upon check in that the flight is delayed about 50 minutes.

I wander around and wander around and wander some more.  Now that I’m done wandering, I find that I still have over an hour and a half before take off. 

I suppose that in the time it took me to come back up and sit at Costa Coffee, have a lemon smoothie (or whatever they call it.. It’s more like lemon juice and ice blended) and post this, it will be time to shut down and go queue up with everyone else to go sit and wait for the bus to take us to the plane.

We’re having fun!

Oh…  My crops are almost ready (Farmville reference).

Happy travels!

The Roundabout


Who’s turn it is?  Really!

Now, I’ve been coming to Oman for a little over 3 years.  There is a strong British influence here, as can be evidenced by the presence of the roundabout.

Quoting from Wikipedia, “The widespread use of roundabouts began when British engineers re-engineered circular intersections during the mid-1960s and Frank Blackmore invented the mini roundabout to overcome its limitations of capacity and for safety issues.”  I’m not totally sure the have engineered all the safety issues out of the roundabouts.

So driving a roundabout is a little scary for a guy from the U.S. where roundabouts are much larger, normally called ‘Loop 610’ or something similar.  It can scare the living daylights out of you the first time you come up to one.  In Muscat, the car on the inside of the roundabout (if there are two lanes) has the right of way when exiting.  Key point, don’t drive next to anyone if you are on the outside lane.  Leave enough room for that inside car to exit, and don’t count on signals.

When I was in the Netherlands, I ran into roundabouts there as well, but the rules were a little different.  For one, you had to look our for bicycles.  They have the right of way no matter what.  Next, You can’t exit from the inside lane, only the outside.  So if you can’t merge to the outside lane this go round, you make a circle and try it again.   I was on one particular roundabout for 3  rounds before I could get off the thing.  It was fun, although I did get a little dizzy.

The roundabout is an interesting concept though.  It’s designed to help move traffic along at intersections, and it does just that.   Just don’t get stuck going around in circles.

It works!

I found an app in the apps store called iBlogger. I took a chance and downloaded it. The write up in the store said if it didn’t work to ask for support. It connected! What joy! Now I can blog from my phone…

Although I don’t see categories.

Mobile Blogging from here.

[Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

Hengelo 3 (the saga continues)

So as we continue the story. Coat in place and all warm and toasty.

Work continued the next day with many discussions, and questions regarding the programming vs. the design intent.   That’s pretty much the way it went for the week.

The evenings were spent seeing some of the city (mostly pubs and eateries).  I’ve come to realize that I work for a bunch of Brit’s that love to drink. 

I didn’t get to see too much of the area as I did not have a car of my own at the time.  That did eventually change when Bob left

After Bob left, another gent was coming in to take over the process of being ‘project manager’.  In the mean time I was working issues with code and interfacing with the engineers to work through problems, questions, concerns and generally being the ‘clean up guy’ for the project.

He stayed in a different hotel that I was at, even a different city (Delden) and seemed to be quite effective at making things happen.

Continue reading

And another blogger…


Just trying out another tool called ‘Zoundry Raven‘. It also looks promising. I’ll have to test the picture uploading on this as well, but seems from the publisher to have most of the same parts and pieces as Windows Live Writer.

I’m thinking that this may help me in my blogging (fingers crossed)

The picture here is from the window of our hotel in Amsterdam (from the trip to the Netherlands, which I never seemed to finish).

So this also has extended post capabilities, links, text, and looks like most of the Windows package without bulleting.

There are more to look at, so the search keeps going.

I tried to use it to upload this post, and it did not go well. Issues with uploading the picture. 

Keep looking

I might have found my blogging app…

I’ve tried to search for a blogging app for the desktop before, but not found what I’ve been looking for.

Now I looks like I might have stumbled upon a blogging package, and as much as I hate to say it. It’s Windows Live Writer.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re saying to yourself, ‘Bill, didn’t you know about this before now?’.

Frankly, no. Like I said, I searched before.  Found nothing.  Now I have.  Going to test it out a little as there is one bit of stuff I’d like to see in a desktop blogger.

I want to be able to split my entry into an intro and a longer posting.  I could be beneficial for longer posts..

This one does it. 

There are others that I’ve run across as well.

Windows Live Writer has some advantages that I see right off.

It’s pretty much WYSIWYG, which is a plus.  It looks as though you can change the font size and type.  Not sure how it will be displayed on my site though.

Just tried to copy and paste within the edit window and that works.  If I had a picture of myself, I’d post that to see how it does, but the room I’m in is much too small. So here is one of my dog.

There are other things that are available with this package, some of which I’ll have to check as I have time, but for now, it looks pretty good.

So, lets recap.

  1. Font size and style and color (or colour, if you are from across the pond)
  2. Bullits
  3. Pictures
  4. Tables
  6. Hyperlinking

So it looks pretty robust.

I’ll test some more packages soon.