A question and venting

I gotta ask….

Those of you that live in Houston and read this, answer me this question.

What possessed you to slow down to 35 (and slower) when going through the toll lanes on the Sam Houston Toll Road?

Seriously! Every morning when I travel from my home to work, a total of about 8 miles, I travel the toll road. No matter which lane I am in, all lanes slow down when going through the toll plaza, It’s not like we have to pay as we go, since covid came, it’s been ‘just drive on through, we will send you a bill’. You can go the posted speed of 65 and still get a bill in the mail.

Get with it people! Go the frickin’ speed limit!

Another catching up post

So, when I came home for good and the company sent me around on odd jobs it was like a new place every week.

I went to several places for small jobs around the Houston area, got put on a longer term job designing and installing a control system for replacement of outdated equipment at a milk plant here in Houston.

Later on, I ended up in San Antonio working on the same companies yogurt plant, replacing the outdated controls there.

Spent time in Pennsylvania at a pharmaceutical plant doing FDA checkout. Of course it was in the dead of winter as well.

North Carolina at a Navy fuel depot, doing a checkout of the valve control.

There are a couple other places, but I’ll save them for the next post.