A question and venting

I gotta ask….

Those of you that live in Houston and read this, answer me this question.

What possessed you to slow down to 35 (and slower) when going through the toll lanes on the Sam Houston Toll Road?

Seriously! Every morning when I travel from my home to work, a total of about 8 miles, I travel the toll road. No matter which lane I am in, all lanes slow down when going through the toll plaza, It’s not like we have to pay as we go, since covid came, it’s been ‘just drive on through, we will send you a bill’. You can go the posted speed of 65 and still get a bill in the mail.

Get with it people! Go the frickin’ speed limit!

Another catching up post

So, when I came home for good and the company sent me around on odd jobs it was like a new place every week.

I went to several places for small jobs around the Houston area, got put on a longer term job designing and installing a control system for replacement of outdated equipment at a milk plant here in Houston.

Later on, I ended up in San Antonio working on the same companies yogurt plant, replacing the outdated controls there.

Spent time in Pennsylvania at a pharmaceutical plant doing FDA checkout. Of course it was in the dead of winter as well.

North Carolina at a Navy fuel depot, doing a checkout of the valve control.

There are a couple other places, but I’ll save them for the next post.



I’m not completely convinced that I want to keep this theme. I think there are some great themes out there, but I’ve not found one that I want. Good thing about WordPress is I can change the theme and not have to lose any of my posts.


I’ve finally done it. I converted my blog over to WordPress. Seems like it took forever.

The main reason is Movable Type upgraded it’s platform and I didn’t want to bo through the hassle of upgrading the app on my server. WordPress does that for you.

I still need to set up a few things and re-route my old blog to the new blog. Wish me luck on that.

I’m going to try to blog more often and there will be some catching up to do from over the years.

The new keyboard

Well, I finally did it. Bought a keyboard for my iPad. It’s a Logitech, and it will let me place the iPad in either a portrait or landscape position.

So far, it seems to be pretty good, and it will take a little getting used to. The feel of the keys is nice, not too heavy and give some feedback as far as response. If you are used to a full size keyboard, then you will want to use it as much as you can till you get proficient with it, but for those of you that have a small computer or something similar, you will probably feel right at home with it.

This little gem also acts as a cover for your iPad, so you can fit it together and take it with you without too much effort.

I chose this particular keyboard for one reason. You can use it with your iPad in portrait mode. Most every other cover/keyboard combo, you only have the option to place the iPad in landscape mode. Bit of a bummer that….

Time for a snack

While the cookies are good (they are vanilla wafers), the familiar red can of soda, is just not quite enough for a “Good ol’ Texas boy” like me. It really takes two or three to satisfy the thirst, especially if you’ve been working in the hot desert for most of the day….Well, that and the fact you have more cookies than drink….

Chow down, amigos!

What? Another malfunction?

Well, it seems there was another malfunction. This time while making the morning coffee.

Although he swears the brewer was set properly, it seems that the basket popped out of place, thus dripping hot water into the pot.

Needless to say, without the coffee under the drip area, what was in the pot turned out VERY weak. Although, the caffeine level was 1/4 that of a regular pot of Decaf! So maybe he’s just doing us a favor by watching out for our daily intake of the precious caffeine.

Is there a Starbucks nearby? Isn’t there an app for that?

What a ride!

Now when I was a younger lad, I was a car fanatic. No big surprise there.

Now, I do remember the Gull Wing of yesteryear, and loved it’s looks and style.

But this one! This is a beauty to behold. I found this while reviewing “Uncrate” and had to re blog this. If I just had the money….

But then again, I have no idea how much money I need! I guess if I have to ask, I probably can’t afford it.

Check out Uncrate. It’s one of my favorite things to read.

Nope, this isn’t a better version of the SLS AMG. Well, okay, technically it is, but it’s really just the replacement for MB’s gull-winged supercar. The 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT ($TBA) bests its predecessor by 20 hp thanks to additional tuning of the 6.2L V8, making it a tenth quicker in the sprint from 0-60 mph — it now takes just 3.6 seconds — and also features new AMG Adaptive Performance Suspension, new, optional designo style interior packages featuring the highest-end leather upholstery with contrast stitching and diamond quilt details, and the same, rock-solid AMG Speedshift seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It’ll be available in both coupe and roadster editions, and while we’re normally open-air enthusiasts, there’s no way we could pass up those iconic doors

I can keep dreaming…