It could be worse

Well, it’s review time at Mama T’s house and from the sounds of it….

One of my buds got a good review, but pitiful raise…. It was explained to him that because we lost one job, and the company overall had a ‘not so good year’ that raises were at a minimum for this year.

We’ve busted our collective asses this year and pulled in 8.5 mil. So why is it when we pull in just less than half of the entire company’s revenue for the year, do we get treated like the proverbial ‘Bastard Step Child’?

Your guess is as good as mine at this point. As for me, I havn’t had my review yet, although, it will be given to me by two ‘managers’ that don’t have any clue about what I can and can’t do for this company.

Time will tell…..