Visa run time again

Yes, it’s that time again boys and girls.

Visa run for me.

I’m sitting at the airport in Muscat.  Got here in plenty of time for my flight, only to find upon check in that the flight is delayed about 50 minutes.

I wander around and wander around and wander some more.  Now that I’m done wandering, I find that I still have over an hour and a half before take off. 

I suppose that in the time it took me to come back up and sit at Costa Coffee, have a lemon smoothie (or whatever they call it.. It’s more like lemon juice and ice blended) and post this, it will be time to shut down and go queue up with everyone else to go sit and wait for the bus to take us to the plane.

We’re having fun!

Oh…  My crops are almost ready (Farmville reference).

Happy travels!

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