More SPAM!

Yeah… Tons if it daily!

I never knew how much Viagra I needed untill I started blogging. Adderall maybe, as it certainly would help me remember to post, although it would probably have me posting for hours on end.

And what about all the other drugs I can’t live without!

Very bothersome at times.


Once again, I travel overseas. I’m sitting at the airport now and low! there is another…

woman dressed somewhat comfortably. Hip Hugger sweats (that say ‘PINK’ on the waistband) that clearly accentuate the ‘Muffin Top’, and two tees that don’t cover the tummy bulge.

I’ve commented on this in a previous blog, but I guess it ‘bares’ repeating. Ladies, if you want to dress comfortably, please do, but please be tasteful.