Good times….

It’s been a long weekend. And went to the casino on Saturday. Came home with an extra $40 in the pocket, so I guess that it was a successful trip.

It’s a four hour drive to the casino, and it usually takes a lot out of me when I travel that much in a day. On the way back, there was a traffic jam, somewhere around Wallisville, and it was bumper to bumper, moving at 2 mph. For an hour, we sat there moving at a snail’s pace, wondering what the hold up was. Never saw anything, no real reason for the slow down.

I guess that someone just decided to see if they could cause a traffic pile up?


Last night…..

My mom, who is somewhat elderly and has a hard time moving around, needed to go to the store and pharmacy. Being the good son that I am, I took her shopping and to pick up her scripts. This was after the rain has stopped. There was about 5 inches of rain in an hour, so the Gulf Coast being what it is, flooded. Did her shopping, picked up scripts, and headed back to her condo.

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ChaCha! The Search Continues

I recently became a guide for ChaCha! If your not sure what that is, it’s a guided search system, where you can have a human act as a searching guide, to help you weed through the endless pages returned by fully automated systems. You may be thinking, ‘Why would I want to do that?’

Suppose that you were searching for something like “Kenny Chesney’s Highschool Sweetheart” or something similar. Google gives you 600,000 possible links. Most of which are not what you were searching for. But with ChaCha, you have someone looking for the most relevent results to your search. Sort of cutting through the red tape, so to speak.

Give it a try!