The Eid Feast!

I’ve been working on a steam project for the day. Trying to come up with a steam flow calculation. I’ve gotten all but the Density calculation and it looks pretty good at this point. Sent out some emails to pick some peoples brains and got two responses. I’ve got a few more to contact and see if I can get this resolved fairly quickly.

The entire project is very interesting as it’s replacing the existing steam monitoring equipment with wireless transmitters and a gateway device to communicate to the master PLC. The PLC will do the calculations for Steam Flow and totalize daily and monthly (maybe YTD as well) for access in the automation system.

For those of you who are sitting there and thinking, ‘What the hell is he talking about?’ Well, sorry… It’s work.

Now for something a little more interesting (maybe). The camp celebrated Eid yesterday. At all the locations where work was supposed to be going on, there wasn’t any work going on. It looked like the Amen pew at a Sunday morning revival session. No body there. Well, maybe not the revival sessions you’ve been to, but certainly the ones I’ve been to. It seems the entire work force had taken the day off. Oh they started showing back up around 4 pm, all smiles and happy. Had a few come by and wish me a happy Eid. That was nice.

We are supposed to have an Eid Feast tonight consisting of BBQ, among other delights. I’ll let you know tomorrow…

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