Eid Mubarak

It was supposed to be Eid but…

I guess that the lunar sighting of the new moon did not occur as planned last night. Well, at least in Oman. Bahrain is a different story. The King declared Eid last night. I guess it’s subjective to one’s beliefs.

Oh… Yeah, that was a dumb remark. This is Islam that I’m talking about (may have to file this one under ‘You Just Can’t Fix Stupid’ too).

Anyway, other country’s have declared it to be Eid. President Obama even sent congratulatory messages out the the Muslim communities and country’s. I even had the gent at the Petrol station where I fuel up wish me ‘Eid Mubarak’. I didn’t really hear him as he was walking across the lot to the pumps, and I asked again what he had said. He repeated and I wished him the same.

An email came out saying that the Eid prayer would be at 6:46 am on the 21st.

So to all I say, and I know it’s a little early, Eid Mubarak!

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