Post Number 60 (or, What was that I ate?)

Welcome to post number 60. You would think that for as long as I’ve had this blog, that I would be way, way past 60 posts. Think again. I stated posting late in life, maybe I just didn’t know what to post about, or something. Never really had a direction for this thing, and still don’t. One day, I may figure it out, but I know for sure, I’m not making any money with this blog.

We had BBQ last night. Not like you get in the states, but that’s what they call it. They do cook on a pit outside though, so I guess in a way it is BBQ. Just without the sauce.

Tonight’s menu says BBQ as well. I know from experience (and reading the special Eid menu that I blogged about 2 days ago) that we will have camel. I don’t know if the locals enjoy camel as much as I do, but, it’s what’s for dinner.

Anyway, I’ve not seen the news in I really don’t know how long. I do look at clips and snippets from time to time, but don’t see much of the hometown news. I know that all the local stations have sites on the web and I probably could even find rss feeds for them if I tried, then I could add them to my iGoogle page. Maybe I’ll do that later. I have to work up to it. There’s no reason to rush into things you know. A good procrastinator can always come up with a reason to procrastinate another day (my wife says I’m the best at this).

Seriously, I love my wife very much. It takes a special person to put up with being left alone for 6 months out of the year, and I have one of those people. While I’m overseas, we talk online (not really talk, but type to each other on messenger).

She called me this morning and we actually talked for about 40 minutes. It was great to hear her, more so than you would imagine. You get used to having your spouse around you every day. Some people might think that it can end up being a pain to be with someone that much, but I’m going to tell you this. You may thing that woman you spend time with is a pain, but try being away from that woman for any length of time and you realize just how important she is to you.

She made me laugh this morning telling me about the dogs and cats at the house and how they were behaving. They got new food bowls and a water bowl. It may not seem like much, but the way she was telling me, kept me amused and chuckling to myself for hours.

I’ve got 7 more days to go on this hitch. I leave on the 29th and head home. It takes 2 days to get home from here, and communication is limited to say the least. I know that when I get to the airport, she’ll be waiting for me outside of customs, with a big hug and a kiss (you miss those too, believe me on that one).

My wife, I love her and I miss her. But not for long.