Sand Storms.

Sansd on the dash…
It is the desert, ya know…

Out here in the desert, when you get to your work site, you usually leave a window open just a bit or you leave the engine running with the air conditioner on. The inside of the car can get very hot. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 degrees. Grab on to the steering wheel when you get in and you stand the good chance of scorching your hands.

So today, like most other days, I left the window down a couple of inches. In the afternoon, the winds came up, and the sand started blowing. Visibility was down to about 100 yards. It was the worst that I had experienced out here.

But wait! I left my window down just a bit!

What happens when you leave your window down in a sand storm? You get sand in your vehicle.

Can you imagine that! Who would have thought! It’s a desert, there’s sand…

Something to remember for next time.

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