Are you ready for some football!

College football games. Babes in attendance.

I’ve noticed something that has me somewhat baffled. Her at camp there is very little to keep one entertained in the evening.

I eat, walk and then watch TV. Sometimes the TV is on a sports station and there may be a ball game on. Either college football or something else. Maybe cricket, basketball, rugby… It could be just about anything.

I’ve noticed through, that at the college football games, there are quite a few girls in attendance. More so than any other sporting event that I have seen, with the possible exception of Olympic skating. I can’t help but wonder why?

I’ve tried to think back to my youth, when I used to go to the High School football games and all I remember is being too young and too stupid to notice the girls present. I know they were there, I remember seeing them and even talking to the ones I knew, but never got beyond that.

So my question is, are girls interested in football? If they are, then why are they not in attendance at pro games?

My wife isn’t into sports, and frankly, neither am I (yes, I do watch the sports on at meal time out here, but that’s about it). Seriously, are they there for the game or the guys?

Help me out folks…. I really want to know.