My new mug…

My new coffee mug

For some time, I’ve been out her in the Omani desert, working with a bunch of brits. One of the blokes out here has a rather nice coffee mug that I had admired on many occasions. It’s fairly plain, but it’s the blue flag of Scotland.

Being Scottish by birth, I’ve always been partial to things scottish. I do own an kilt in my family tartan (doesn’t everyone?) So I asked about the mug and told him that I really liked it. He tole me that he picked it up in the Heathrow airport and would be happy to pick one up for me on his next rotation in.

I jumped at the chance and told him that would be grand!

Well, the mug is shown, not quite as the one that he has, but he explained that the shop at the airport didn’t have that particular one so he picked this one up for me.

I think it’s grand! Thanks mate!


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