Let’s get in the hot tub!

Stupidity rules.
The following is an excerpt from Fox News.

While thousands have fled, two people who tried to ride out the firestorm in a backyard hot tub were burned. The pair in Big Tujunga Canyon, on the southwestern edge of the fire, “completely underestimated the fire” and the hot tub provided “no protection whatsoever,” Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said Sunday.

The pair made their way to firefighters and were airlifted out by a sheriff’s rescue helicopter. They received adequate notification to evacuate from deputies but decided to stay, Whitmore said.

Whitmore described their condition as “critical” but fire officials said one of the two was treated and released and the other remained hospitalized in stable condition. A third person was burned Saturday in an evacuation area along Highway 2 near Mount Wilson, officials said. Details of that injury were not immediately known.

“There were people that did not listen, and there were three people that got burned and got critically injured because they did not listen,” Schwarzenegger said at a news conference at the fire command post.


Ok, I can see the thought process somewhat. ‘Let’s get in the hot tub… That fire can’t hurt us if we are surrounded by water!’

Hello? Boiling pot of water? Or in this case, boiling hot tub of water?

Here’s a thought…

The news channels have been broadcasting how hot this fire is burning. I’ve seen it on British television even.

I’ve seen video clips of how bad it is, and houses burned to the ground.

So, if these two had plenty of time to make good their escape, and doing so would keep them safe, why didn’t they go?

And then, of course there is the comment from Governor Schwarzenegger. Three? Pair? What?

You just can’t fix stupid.

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