I find that as time grows short in my rotation here in Oman, it becomes increasingly harder to focus on my job. It’s fairly important to stay focused on what you are doing, as it could be the difference between life and death.

It’s not that the job is hard or dangerous, but a simple little mistakes can be made and if your not careful, you could end up hurt, or worse. There are posters all around camp, stressing safety and being attentive to the job, which I totally agree with. I’ve made some of those little mistakes and fortunately not been severely hurt by them, but it does being you back to focus. Once while working in a panel, I reached in, and when I pulled my hand back out, my wedding ring snagged on something and I ended up getting my hand cut. Not bad, but needed to get it cleaned up and bandaged. It was a reportable incident as well, which most major companies keep track of incidents in order to learn from mistakes.

Some safety rules are pretty obvious. Some, not quite as much. But they are there for a reason. Someone had it happen to them. It might not have resulted in a serious injury, but it happened.

Don’t let it happen to you.