Where’s the beef!

Made it home ok, a little late but home just the same.

Had a real steak for dinner (Outback Steak House) and generally enjoyed myself. Steaks are a little different at camp. We have them every once and a while, or at least they tell us that it is steak. It could be mystery meat.

There are three types of food that I miss while I’m overseas. Steak, Mexican, and Chinese.

Steak, as I just mentioned, is not quite the same at camp. It doesn’t really taste like the steak we have in the states, and I’m not sure if it’s because the cattle overseas graze on different feed or brush, and consequently end up tasting different, or if the company is trying to supplement the food rations with something like soy? Chicken tastes ok, and that’s usually what I end up eating is chicken. Fish looks like fish and smells like fish. I just have a hard time eating fish when I know we are not really near a large body of water.

Mexican food at camp is not really Mexican at all. The cooks idea of making a meal Mexican is to put bell peppers in it. Even the salad. They also try to make taco’s out of some sort of ground mystery meat. Flavored with curry, it’s not even a close resemblance to a Mexican taco.

The hot and sour soup (which we have on Oriental night) is good and spicy, but they really need to leave out the cabbage.

So when I return to the states, I just need a little comfort food and I’m fine till the next hitch,

BTW, that next hitch comes up in November and takes me into the first week in December. Wonder what we will have on Thanksgiving?