There’s a New Nurse in Town

Met with the neurologist today. MS is not a curable thing, but can be (hopefully) controlled. The treatment is shots. No pill has been developed yet, although there are clinical trials going on to produce it. There are basically two types of shots. Interferon and a synthetic compound. There are differences between the two treatments, and different side effects. The synthetic compound seems to have less side effects than the others, so Betsy has decided top go with that. It’s a daily shot and comes pre filled. It also has an AutoJect device that looks like a light saber from Star Wars.

My wife has been having troubles with a numbness like sensation from the waist down. Not really a numbness but sensation like when your leg is asleep and starts to wake up. Pins and needles tingling. The doctor said that treatment for these stages of exasperations is high doses of steroids given intravenously. 5 days should do it. So, the doc gets it set up.

The insurance calls us up to let us know that they can’t authorize the procedure to be done at the clinic, it will have to be administered from home.



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