Size DOES matter…

I had found this great article about size and that it really does matter. Unfortunately at the bottom of the article on ‘’, it says…

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Does this really mean that I can’t post a copy in my blog?

Well, I really don’t know, but the article was on how size matters, but not in the way that your wife or girlfriend, casual acquaintance, or local shag up may be telling you. The article explains that it’s a woman’s size that matters when it comes to Orgasm’s. There was a study conducted that indicates that the distance between a woman’s clitoris and vagina may determine how easily she climaxes from sex alone.

Did I just loose my ‘PG’ rating on this blog? I hope not..

Anyway, the article goes into more depth (pardon the pun) and from my very limited experience in the subject, I believe that in order to make an informed decision on the subject, that I should plan to do some research of my own, if my wife will let me.

Oh, the article?

Click here

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