Shift Change

There seems to be a few problems with shift changes here in the desert. Because this job keeps us on site 24/7, we work in shifts. Those that have worked offshore, know what this is. Usually some time on and some time off. My shift is 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off (love the time off). Others are on 4 and off 4, so my shift runs between two of there’s. Not a big issue, as I work equally well with both crews, but they seem to have different agenda’s. One has a focus on one project while the other has a focus on a different project.

This can create a little havoc at shift change as switching gears is not always easy. I’m going through that process now, actually. I have to be adamant about documenting what I’m doing because it will come back around and by that time, several weeks may have passed, and I would not like to have to re-invent the wheel again.

It is certainly challenging and interesting.

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