Homeward Bound!

It’s going home day. That’s right, I get to travel back home and see the wife and furkids. not sure who will be happier, but I know I am.

This job is really not bad, and the only complaint that I really have is being away from the ones I love. It is difficult at times, when that place in your heart, that is reserved for those special people in your life, are missing. Yes, I know that I can talk to them online, on the phone (although that can get expensive), and see pictures of them, but it’s not the same as being able to hold someone in your arms, breath their scent into your nostrils, see the smiles that go along with the laugher.

I’ll have to catch up on my blogging when I get back to somewhere that has an internet connection. But for now, it’s off to hit the dusty trail! And wing my way back home!