Feed Me!

Still a little bummed today, but I have my work to keep me busy.

It always seems to amaze me, the amount of information that is available on the internet. I use a Google homepage and have various feeds sent to it from a variety of sources. One source is the Fox New network. You can find out what the latest new is from around the world to your own back yard. From the entertainment industry (Kanye, what the hell what that all about?? And kudo’s to Beyonce.), to sports (Serena, what were you thinking?), to your health (male menopause?), and everything in between.

Feeds, feeds, and more feeds. There is a feed for just about everything, and widgets to show information that isn’t available through a feed. Facebook anyone? Speaking of Facebook, I’ve sometimes gotten the feeling of being a stalker when I check on the ‘friends’ that I have (especially when it’s more that 15 times in a day). Have updates sent right to you phone!

So with all this information being pulled together and presented to you, it seems that some sort of sensory overload is bound to occur. Surely there must be some way to do a brain dump of useless information and start loading the pertinent information back in. I haven’t found that ‘reset’ button yet. And it seems like I can’t ‘store’ another scrap of information in my brain or it will explode! Well, maybe not. Maybe one day, we will be able to plug into our computer and copy off information to a server somewhere and free up some ‘space’ in our head (don’t forget your USB cable).

So go ahead and feed me! I still have a few brains cells left to fill up.

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