What goes up, must come down.

People watched. People prayed. People were confused…..

The plight of a 6 year old boy was followed on national television yesterday as everyone believed he was in a home made balloon.

The new media has mistakenly called it a ‘Hot Air Balloon’, which it was not. It was a helium filled balloon. A lot different than hot air.

According to several articles (way to numerous to mention and link to), a father (who is a contractor, amateur storm chaser and alien investigator) and his boys were carrying out an experiment with a home made ‘lighter than air’ vehicle. Meaning a helium balloon. It managed to break free of it’s tether while being filled and floated away. That;s when one of the older siblings mentioned that the 6 year old boy, Falcon, had climbed into a compartment beneath the balloon. The father says that they conducted a through search for young Falcon, which turned up nothing. Dad calls the sheriff. I can just imagine how that conversation went.

After authorities chasing the balloon for miles, it lands/crashes and surprise! No youngster in the balloon.

Ends up that Falcon was hiding in the garage attic and was ‘afraid to come down because his dad yelled at him for trying to crawl into the balloon’. Now that’s one story, another was aired on ‘Larry King Live’ that had young Falcon telling all that watched the reason he hid in the attic was because his dad said ‘it was for the show’.

This has sparked a plethora of media attention as to what is the real reason this incident has come into the media spotlight. Dad swears that this was not staged in any way, and what would he have to gain by trying to stage anything like this?

15 minutes of fame possibly?

You be the judge and tell me?