Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder why things are the way they are. Not that I want anything to change, I like things just the way thay are. But I wonder how much is devine providence and how much I control my destiny.

I’m making travel plans for next week (business, not pleasure) and really wish that I didn’t have to leave town. I knew that it was part of the job when I took the job. I really enjoy the people that I work for too! They have an opening in the company that I am contracted to, and the head of the department says that there is enough work to keep 2 or 3 of us contractors busy for over a year. This is turnning out to be a long term contract with this company. That’s good for us! But ti really ties me down to one specific job for long term. I’m not sure that I want to be tied to the same job (location is great though, close to home) because it limits me in learning.

Well, I guess that I need to get back to work…..