Own your own battleship!

It seems the Minister of Defense has put up for auction.

One battleship!  Bidding under way as of this writing.  Hope my wife likes it!

An auction site run by the Ministry for Defense has listed several different vessels that they want to sell including the former flagship of The Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal which was declared as unnecessary and outlined for decommissioning in the defense budget review announced by the government last year.

During it’s 25 years in service the HMS Ark Royal had been involved in many operations and as part of the Iraq invasion conflict headed the UK’s naval force.

Anyone interested in buying the HMS Ark Royal will have up until 1000 BST on the 13th June to put forward their bids however the Ministry of Defense are insisting that any potential buyer will first have to submit an outlined brief of what “intentions regarding the vessel” they have planned. At present the Ark Royal is docked at her Portsmouth Naval Base home port where any potential buyers looking to make a bid may first view her subject to having first submitted their outlined plan.

The future of The Ark Royal is unknown as it could be sold just to be scrapped although other idea’s being proposed include turning it into a nightclub, a commercial heliport and even a security personnel base to be used while the London Olympics take place.

Other vessels that have been included on the auction site for sale include HMS Nottingham, HMS Southampton and HMS Exeter all of which are Type-42 destroyers.

Submit my intentions?  I suppose ‘World Domination’ would disqualify my bid.

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