Facebook did what?

Facebook did what?

Alex Vizer | August 18, 2009

A group of Facebook users filed a civil lawsuit on Monday August 17, 2009, that alleges the social-networking site is violating California consumer privacy laws.

The lawsuit, which was filed in California’s Orange County Superior Court on behalf of five users, seeks a jury trial, as well as damages and attorneys’ fees. The five plaintiffs are described as two children younger than 13, a user of the original Facebook, a professional photographer, and an actress and model.

The 40-page complaint accuses the Palo Alto, California-based company of violating the state’s privacy and online privacy laws by disseminating private information to third parties for commercial purposes.

“Plaintiffs and the general public desire and expect a level of privacy, which Facebook has failed to satisfy under its current policies, procedures, practices, and technology,” the complaint states.

A Facebook spokesman declined to comment on the specifics of the lawsuit other than to say, “We see no merit to this suit and we plan to fight it.”

Facebook is no stranger to privacy controversy. In July, an investigation by Canada’s privacy commissioner suggested Facebook is unconcerned with members’ privacy and called on it to do more.

Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart expressed concern that while it’s easy for members to deactivate their accounts, it’s less clear on how to actually delete them. Facebook could therefore retain member data from deactivated accounts for an indefinite period of time in violation of Canadian privacy law.

The social network went through a user backlash over the introduction of its News Feed in 2006, and a bigger one over the controversial Beacon advertising program. More recently, a revision to Facebook’s terms of use prompted consumer advocacy blog The Consumerist to highlight language that it said meant that Facebook claimed ownership of user profile data and photos.
This was found on http://www.cdnins.com/news/news_180809_01.htm.

There’s an old saying….

If you don’t want people to know your business, don’t give it to them.

That being said, I suppose that Facebook claiming ownership of a users profile and photos is a little off the mark. Imagine seeing a photo of yourself, one that you have posted into a photo page on Facebook, on some entirely different website being used in some background? Think about it though. Any picture posted anywhere can be retrieved, modified, and used for other purposes. Doesn’t have to be from Facebook, it could be from anywhere. Seems to me that personal information should remain personal. I might not want to know all your personal details, but that can’t stop me from finding out if I dig hard enough.

The point is, if you don’t want it known, don’t give it out.

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